Mendell Family Council Predicted Fundraising Initiatives 2018-2019

Vision: The Mendell School is dedicated to educating a diverse, inclusive community through rigorous and equitable learning experiences that create lifelong learners who stand tall as a mighty force for good in their neighborhoods.

School Priorities SY 2018-2019

In order to realize our vision for ALL learners, the Mendell School is focusing on:

  • Developing a culture of achievement by standardizing expectations for excellence in oral and written production, regularly engaging students in cognitively demanding tasks requiring them to think critically and persevere in problem solving and providing consistent, actionable feedback.
  • Fostering excellence in character through consistent and coherent implication of Tier 1 climate (PBIS) practices and culturally responsive Social Emotional Learning instruction.  

Additionally, as outlined in our Mission, the Mendell is committed to developing well-rounded students through exposure to the arts, science, physical education and technology to prepare our students for participation in our society.

Fundraising Priorities:

School Wide Priority Description Amount Needed Date Funds are Required
Instructional Focus: Culture of Excellence: Questioning, Response and Feedback 4-5 student interns to support with before school and in full-inclusion classrooms all day $10,000 $2000/month beginning Feb 2019
Well-rounded Education: Arts Enrichment Visual Arts Supplies $1000 Oct 1, 2018
Well-rounded Education: Arts Enrichment Mendell Arts Showcase $500 May 1, 2018
Well-rounded Education: Physical Education Playworks $30,000 Sept 2018

December 2018 April 1, 2019

Well-rounded Education: Health & Wellness Magical Mendell Day $1000 May 15th, 2019
Well-rounded Education:

Health & Wellness

Fun Run/Wellness Event $500 May 1, 2018
Well-rounded Education:


Science Supplies $500 Sept 1, 2017
Social-Emotional Learning Student/Staff Assemblies and Events

  • Star Ceremony Events
  • Graduations
  • Staff Appreciation Activities
  • Family Events
$3000 Jan 1, 2018
Total: $46,500

*We are starting the year up and can forward pay some of Playworks from this years’ budget.


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